Monthly Archives: July 2016

Hard to say goodbye

Not sure if Randall will understand about moving to another city in two weeks, but it’s me who’s already feeling sentimental about leaving New York, where we’ve had so many nice memories. These few days I’m like trying to make sure that Randall gets to check out every single place he might be interested in, playgrounds, museums, or even amusement parks, before we leave.

Don’t do that!

Nap time monologue: “Eek!!! (shout out loud). No screaming. No more. Don’t do that. Sleep.” Lately he’s been trying to challenge me quite a lot, by doing what he knows he is not allowed to and waiting to see my response. Left alone in his crib, he is now playing mom…

Where is he?

potty-bacinica-patricelli-book-training-2Randall stopped at this page for a few seconds and then pointed to the “potty” image in the upper right corner, asking “where is he?”. That was a pretty good question, I said to myself.