It was a short break of sunshine after the morning rain. It would soon be taken over by a storm again, yet it was beautiful and warm in that moment, just like the cherry blossoms that had only stayed in March, or in one’s memory.

The other side

You ran off. I see you from here, knowing that you won’t go too far. I wish time could just stay, at this very moment. But it can’t. It has to keep running, to the other side.

Math & Logic

Randall is asked to have some vegetables before having his after-dinner treat, so he goes, “I’d like 6 pieces (of vegetables).”

“Now you have 3. How many more do you need?”, asks mom.

Randall whispers, “Four, five, six…”, and then speaks out loud, “Three! I need three more.”

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Happy Birthday, Randall!

Randall has been asking when it will come to his birthday, and now, AT LAST, you are officially FOUR! Happy Birthday! And as you have hoped, Pump-It-Up you go, with all your friends!

img_0154And that’s not all. Birthdays are also about presents! Randall is ready to build his largest Lego project ever!