Mt Rainier

We hiked along the lakes and up the mountain, enjoyed the gorgeous view at the Reflection Lake as well as the beautiful Narada falls, yet all Randall cared about was the snow!


Randall is happy feeding the ducks with his own snacks until he suddenly realizes that “there is not much left”. “No more!”, he tells the ducks, but they seem quite determined and won’t leave. How about “you can have one more and that’s it”? They stay for more. Randall ends up giving all his goldfish away. Now both Randall and the ducks are happy.


calendar_cEvery morning Randall puts a new number on his calendar and adds a tag on those special days. June 2nd is the day he and daddy join mommy for the San Francisco trip; 21st is the start of Summer; and 25th is Penguin’s birthday, according to himself.