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Yesterday once more

These model race cars were intended as a way to revive mommy’s own childhood memory. The skews, the grease, the small but powerful motor, and the click into place… Everything felt like slowly coming into sight from a distance.


Whoa! It’s been a year since we last came out to the Lagoons. Our little guy is one year older now, learning to paddle by himself!

Yeah, the pandemic, is all it takes to make you own a kayak instead of renting one.

Solar Ostrich

This robotic kit was a gift from his grandparents a year ago, when he couldn’t do much of it without our help. Then I put it way and decide to wait for a few more years till he’s ready. Just the other day, after I accidentally mentioned it, he asked us to cut out the pieces for him. And the next morning, he came back with the first model.

This ostrich is the fourth in the series.

More than just the beach

Thanks to those less beach-friendly days, being either a little too hot or a little too chilly, we got a chance to do something different, although the involvement of wetness stays the same. Randall is now no longer scared of that water park as he was years ago, but he does wish it was bigger.

The Seaquarium is rather small but fun. Aside from watching all the sea animal shows (some of them twice), Randall has also won a water gun battle and completed his first rope course.