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Legoland & Carlsbad

Thanksgiving at Legoland California. Randall drove cars, boats as well as helicopters. Got his first driving license, twice :); got fascinated by the New York subway train at Lego Miniland; and got scared by the Ninjago ride and the 3D Lego movie.

After our first day’s trip to Legoland, Randall was too excited to fall asleep at night, so I said to him, “If you don’t go to sleep, instead of Carlsbad, this place’s name will be changed into ‘Randallsbad’.”

“I’m not a bad boy. Daddy is, because daddy doesn’t know which bathroom is which. So this place’s name should be changed into ‘Daddysbad’.” replied Randall. (Daddy mistook women’s room for men’s room at Legoland that day but stopped right before it was too late.)

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Napa Valley

It was a three-day getaway in Napa Valley and a trip planned just one day before. We’d put it as wine in the morning and pool in the afternoon, but what would be more accurate from Randall’s perspective was grape juice tasting, hot tubbing and a little bit of rock collecting.

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Randall has made good progress on his fine motor skills lately. And for a lot of things he is able to figure out how they work and then starts doing them by himself. Therefore he is showing new abilities and new interest in old stuff. Later that night, when he took out his remote control car which he hadn’t played with for a while, he suddenly became very interested in operating the toy car rather than just turning on its music.