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More than just the beach

Thanks to those less beach-friendly days, being either a little too hot or a little too chilly, we got a chance to do something different, although the involvement of wetness stays the same. Randall is now no longer scared of that water park as he was years ago, but he does wish it was bigger.

The Seaquarium is rather small but fun. Aside from watching all the sea animal shows (some of them twice), Randall has also won a water gun battle and completed his first rope course.


Randall’s first water park visit, and he is thrilled! The daily routine goes like this: we take a tube to drift in the lagoons, then go on the tube slide a few times before we can persuade him to move on to the next big slide, and this process repeats with another two water slides. Then it’s the kids area, where he can play and go down the water slides all on his own. After dinner, we all go to the Tom Foolerys Park, which is a video game arcade with a few indoor amusement rides. Highlight: daddy aced the go-cart game twice and Randall the bowling game (shhh! with the help of a ramp).

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Just before the summer weather is gone, we visit Goebbert’s Pumpkin Patch again. Same animals, same activities as last year, but Randall is enjoying them even more this year.

It’s more about social than jumping.

Trains, trucks, tractors, and more.

Alpaca. One, two, three!

Upgraded from last year’s man-powered digger.

Feels like flying. Well, almost.