Once upon a time

This Thanksgiving holiday, instead of doing the usual “to-somewhere-warm” trip, we picked a special destination: the place where Randall started, as a little person.

Among all those places he’d been to before we left New York, the Hippo Playground was the one he had visited most. Although he had almost no memory of what had happened then, he enjoyed playing at the parks, even more than he had before. Look how time has flown and how he has grown!

We walked down the streets we used to walk everyday, past our old apartment building, took subway at the 96th St station, and ate at our favorite neighborhood restaurants. We had the same Thanksgiving lunch at Boulud Sud as we had had three years before, although unfortunately we missed the parade this time.

Well, it’s not all about reminiscing. We did our first in-person Thanksgiving shopping at the Lego store at Rockefeller Center. And the very next day we headed to Rockefeller Center again for the Top of Rock observation deck. It was chilly but it was also clear and perfect for pictures.

The trip ended with a reunion with our old friends in New York, and a wonderful Peking duck dinner at Decoy. Randall’s favorite part? The New York subway, and “Stand clear of the closing doors!” Read more…


Next year I’m going to kindergarten.
Only teachers can talk. The kids cannot talk.
Otherwise they’ll distract the teachers.
The only thing I can do at the kindergarten is listen, but I cannot listen a lot.

Late Autumn

It is getting chilly here and the leaves have started to fall. Yet we are just in time to get a glimpse of the autumn colors. The boys, barely aware of the cold weather or the beautiful surroundings, are having a good time together running around, picking stones, and acting traffic lights.

Big Plan

Randall: Were you guys good friends when you were kids?
Mom: No. We knew each other after we grew up.
Randall: Then what?
Mom: Then we became friends. We got married, and then we have you.
Randall: OK, I’ll do that, too.
Mom: Do what?
Randall: Get married with Elise.
Mom: When do you plan to get married?
Randall: After I go to college.