Monthly Archives: October 2016

Ducks and Rocks

We had sat down here by the river for more than half an hour and Randall was still enjoying it – making ripples with little rocks. All of a sudden, the ducks all lined up and swam away. Someone had come to give them a treat. Children and ducks are the same simple!

When Randall first approached these ducks, he didn’t dare to go closer but wasn’t willing to show his cowardice either. So he kept shouting at one that was remaining on the bank, “Go away! Go into the water!” We then headed to the playground, where Randall had big fun going up and down the big slide and the swirly tunnels. When we came back, Randall asked for his sand bucket so that he could collect water from the river. I warned that he could fall into the water but this little boy couldn’t be convinced. He pointed to the ducks and said, “Ducks are swimming.”, implying that he could swim too if he ever fell.


A rainy weekend

This weekend we had the first serious rain since we moved here, but it didn’t stop Randall from having fun in the backyard and at Lawrence Hall of Science. He met and played with his fellow classmate Conor Mack on both days.

After sending Randall to nap, and right before it started pouring, daddy and mummy moved the jumper into the garage to keep it from being soaked. Then we had to deal with Randall’s endless inquiry about the jumper. Well, he was trying to make sure that I hadn’t thrown it away.