Monthly Archives: April 2018

Life is good

This has been the happiest hike for Randall, and for us, the most effortless one. They run, walk hand in hand and stop occasionally to explore, while the moves that this little guy makes on his fellow friend have left us wondering, “Where did he get this?”


Sun, grass, rainbow… wait, what’s this black part? Look out! There comes the stormy clouds! Oh, never mind. The rain has already started.

From my brain

Randall was ready to put wheels on his Lego train, when he said, “2 + 2 makes 4.”
“Did you learn that from school?”
“No. From my brain.”
I couldn’t help laughing, while a question stuck in my head: which brain, left or right?


It was a short break of sunshine after the morning rain. It would soon be taken over by a storm again, yet it was beautiful and warm in that moment, just like the cherry blossoms that had only stayed in March, or in one’s memory.