Monthly Archives: June 2018


calendar_cEvery morning Randall puts a new number on his calendar and adds a tag on those special days. June 2nd is the day he and daddy join mommy for the San Francisco trip; 21st is the start of Summer; and 25th is Penguin’s birthday, according to himself.

I can help

Randall was watching mommy peel a hard boiled egg and suggested, “I can help you, mommy.” Mommy wasn’t sure if he could do it and said, “Maybe when you get a little older.” “But I do it at school!”, Randall replied.

Back to the Bay

b98389f6-4e4e-4538-b7d5-6ac070fdc6dfRandall is back in Berkeley this week, and has reunited with his old school friends, Connor, Amelia, and many more! Best part of it? Cable car! What’s new? Riding BART! Anything for a foodie? Cherry and peach picking!