Monthly Archives: October 2019

You made my day!

“I love the train tracks you made for me. I’ll draw you a picture. What are your favorite things?”, Randall asked.

“Sunshine, trees, birds…”, mom replied.

Then he came back with this picture and remarked, “You made my day by setting up those tracks for me!”

One of those good moments

Despite all the whininess and crankiness, Randall can be surprisingly good and flexible sometimes, like today when I couldn’t find a parking spot near the restaurant and decided to settle with a lot that was only for bank customers, thinking the passenger wouldn’t find out. But then I heard him say,

“You can’t park here. If the police comes, our car will be towed away.”

“It’s probably fine. It’s just for a few minutes.” I tried to convince him, knowing he would collapse if I couldn’t.

“You can park there, mom.” he continued, pointing to the square across the street, “There’s a lot of space over there.”

I looked. Indeed.