Monthly Archives: January 2020

Jet Engineer

Randall borrowed this book from the library about a hispanic boy who cherished a dream of becoming an astronaut finally made his dream come true despite his previous applications to NASA being rejected 11 times. After reading this book, Randall decided he would not give up on his dream of becoming a jet engineer no matter how many times it would take him to try.

Then mom added, “To be a jet engineer, you first need to be good at maths”.
“No, I first need to know how to make paper airplanes!” denied Randall, “So you need to buy me that paper airplane book, otherwise I can’t become a jet engineer.”

More than just the beach

Thanks to those less beach-friendly days, being either a little too hot or a little too chilly, we got a chance to do something different, although the involvement of wetness stays the same. Randall is now no longer scared of that water park as he was years ago, but he does wish it was bigger.

The Seaquarium is rather small but fun. Aside from watching all the sea animal shows (some of them twice), Randall has also won a water gun battle and completed his first rope course.