Daily Archives: May 10, 2015

A Trip to SF

Being a techie in New York is no easy thing, coz you are 3000 miles away from the centre of the Internet industry, and that’s 6 hours by plane, or… 3 hours by the earth’s spinning speed.

So San Francisco, I see you again. No Golden Gate, no Lombard street, no seafood. But it’s my first time ever, to be in this city with YOU, my toublemaker and my little gentleman. Oh of course, you have been here before, when you were just hiding in my belly. And now, let’s forget how we have struggled to calm you down on the plane, to finish our meal at the restaurant without having you break any dishes, to put you to sleep at a new hotel room, you being with us alone has given me all the strength and confidence I’d need for a successful presentation at the conference, and we together have made yet another wonderful trip.

A few things to remember out of this haven’t-done-much trip:

The Shanghai cuisine restaurant at Milpitas Square. Truly kind and helpful staff, plus a nice encounter with an old Shanghainese couple (husband 97, wife 95).

A lady at the Westin hotel gave Randall a beautiful story book.

Randall wouldn’t move his legs when seeing a 9 month old girl standing by her mum.