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It feels like you can never miss anything in this era of internet, unless you wouldn’t try hard enough. Like getting back in touch with a long lost friend, or like getting these beautiful cards even if I had to rush to board the train when first seeing them.

Boston Highlights

  1. Tremendous fun with the puddles. Just couldn’t have enough!
  2. First visit to the aquarium. Loved the seals and the penguins. Saw a lot of weird looking fish, and turtles too!
  3. Had a nice dinner at Little Italy with mommy’s friend. Expressed my agreement to his words with my first “hehe” sound. The electric candle was fascinating, almost as good as the dinner. Well, I could have left him a perfect impression if my poop hadn’t come out of the diaper. Will do better next time.
  4. Invented a new way of drinking orange juice, so mom called it “orange soup”.
  5. The Harvard campus was fabulous! They had so many nice colorful chairs and so many group visitors that I was so fond of running into. Mommy got me a Harvard coat.
  6. Met “Gan Die” for the first time, and received a “Jian Mian Li” from him. Loved his bed with his girlfriend’s dress on it.
  7. Last but not least, the three-and-a-half-hour train trips weren’t easy for mommy and daddy, so I got to play with their cell phones as much as I liked. Guess that treat won’t last though…

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Morning Walk

Ran Ran has lately been working on some new skills, like walking backwards or getting off our bed facing forward on his butt. He’s also had a couple of new discoveries: his own belly button and the fact that he could get into mummy’s shoes.


“All kids are smart. They surprise you all the time.” I always recall what our friend once said. Just a moment ago, our little boy accidentally splashed some water on the floor when drinking from his straw cup. I saw amazement in his eyes when he looked down at the water drops. All of a sudden, he ran off to the bedroom and returned immediately – with one of his own socks! He then bent down and began wiping the floor with this little sock. How I wish I had recorded this lovely moment with my camera!

A photo collection of the weekend




The best part: