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School Picnic

Veronica, one of the teachers, told us that Randall was all about girls at the classroom. “If it’s Alex, he would be like ‘hi’ and then go away. Once he got to sleep next to Lenaig. And when he woke up, he was trying to lean over and kiss her.” she said, while taking out her phone and showing us the pictures, “You see, I got proof! You got caught, Randall.”

And not sure if it was his seeing Lenaig (the girl he had tried to kiss) get onto everything at the picnic that had aroused his climbing enthusiasm, he began conquering more challenging furniture at home the next morning. First was the TV stand, and next the coffee table.

Cautious Man

We have long known that Randall is a slow-to-warm kid. Last weekend we started to take him to playground again, after realizing that he might be ready for some other activities aside from the swing. It turned out that he still enjoyed the swing but didn’t like the sand pit. He liked the water jets as well, and was obsessed with the stairs. Yesterday after figuring out how to climb up and back down by himself he did the up and down for dozens of times and refused to go back home. BUT, no matter how hard I tried, he wouldn’t go down from the slide. He just very very scared 😦

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Little People

Ran Ran has recently regained interest in this toy, which he first started to play with at 13 months. He can now reach the top and place the car right there. This afternoon he picked up the car at first, then suddenly turned around and ran off to the living room. Just as I was wondering what had occurred to him, he turned on the air conditioning and came back with a satisfactory smile. Then he only played for a minute before going back to the living room again. And this time, it was for the camera. He asked me to take the camera from the desk and shoot videos.

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Crossing arms


Ran Ran didn’t like the sand pit very much. He stood there, crossed his arms and fell into deep though just like daddy. Which place might be more fun? The swing, he figured.