Endless No’s

We are happy that Randall starts to have his first words, like ‘nai nai’ for milk, ‘ba’ for bye, ‘abu’ for open, although he does not voluntarily call us by mama or dada yet. Well, the bad news is he’s now practicing his very first word any chance he got.

– Would you like to have some milk?

– Buh (his word for ‘no’).

– Would you like to wash your hands?

– Buh.

– Could you please come down from the chair?

– Buh.

And if you keep asking, you’ll probably end up getting 10 or 20 straight no’s. And that’s what daddy thought the other night when Randall was sitting on the floor playing with his baby wipes. Daddy kept being refused of his suggestions until he hit the right one, “would you like to have some snack?” The little one got up all of a sudden with a delighted face and led his father all the way to the kitchen.

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