Daily Archives: December 28, 2015

Miami Trip: The Playground

There is definitely something beyond the beach, the sea and the pool. Not only is the weather much nicer in Miami than in New York, but the playground here is a lot more fun as well! Randall is totally in love with this red little train and the many climbing, crawling, riding activities at the Flamingo park.

Randall also had a whole lot of fun at the playground near the beach. He really surprised (scared) us when he showed his new monkey skills.

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Miami Trip: The Hotel Room

What can be more enjoyable than having snacks and the sea view at the same time?

The first day of the trip was a big mess. The computer system went down at the LaGuardia Airport and our bags did not fly with us to Miami. So we had to get Randall something to sleep in. We took him to the Gap store on Lincoln Rd and as soon as we arrived at the kids section he jumped right off his stroller and ran to the racks. I had never seen him so excited before. He went through the shirts just like I did and took one after another as if he would like to move the entire store back home.

Randall also got obsessed with the sliding door at the hotel room. And eventually, on our last night there, he was happy to find out that he could slide it with just one little finger.

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