Daily Archives: March 12, 2016

Happy Birthday

This was the second week of March, and we were on our way to the third birthday party this year. I decided to teach him to say “happy birthday” so that he could say that to his birthday friend, Alex, when we got there. But after realizing that it was a little too hard for him to pronounce these words altogether, I switched to a different strategy: I started with “happy” and Randall repeated with perfect accuracy. Then I tried “Happy birthday” again, and Randall responded, with a big smile on his face, “to Randall!”.

And once again we witnessed the closeness between Randall and his little girlfriend. Along with some other kids, they were taken on a cheerful choo-choo ride by Alex’s father and the two kids always wanted to sit next to each other. Randall even told Lenaig to be seated on his designated spot first before boarding the car himself.