Monthly Archives: January 2017

Adventure Playground

dsc09855Can’t say enough about this playground built from “trash”. Absolutely awesome!

All the kids here are practicing their building skills, from hammering a nail or painting a wood board, to making some sort of structures out of their imagination.

Randall is fascinated by all the tools and the garbage lying around here.

First swimming lesson

Right after we came back from Napa Valley, where Randall had gained confidence in a pool, mummy signed him up for a swimming class. And here came the first lesson. Later that weekend when asked about the lesson, he told mummy very proudly that he had learnt to kick his legs in the pool.

I need a lollipop

Randall received a greeting card from his BFF, Conor Mack, on which there was a picture of Conor getting his first haircut.┬áRandall was keen to note that Conor had just cried before┬áthe picture was taken, so he commented, “Conor had a haircut. He cried. He does not like haircut”.

“Guess no kid likes haircuts.” I replied, “Does Randall like haircuts?”


“Why does Randall like haircuts?”

“[Because] I need a lollipop.”