Pony Poop

DSC09849Right before we headed over to the hiking trail, Randall stopped to ask us, “Can I ride the thing I saw yesterday that I didn’t ride?”

“Are you talking about the tractor?”, we were puzzled. We were not even sure if his “yesterday” actually meant “last time”

“No! Not the tractor!”, Randall started to get frustrated.

“Does it have wheels?”


It went back and forth like this a few times and Randall was so upset that he couldn’t get himself understood. Then, finally, I remembered. “Is it a pony?”

“Yes, a pony!”

We continued onto the trail after I explained to him that to ride the ponies we had to sign him up for the farm classes first. While on the trail, we ran into some animal feces which we told Randall must have been left by the ponies. The little guy then commented, frowning, “Ponies can only poop in the water.”


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