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The graduation was not quite graduation. The fun went on into the summer — the field trips, the water play, the fitness sessions. We moved here a year ago. Randall probably doesn’t recall how he struggled to recognize the simplest words. Now he has become such a good reader. And after shifting from the police team, to the polite team and eventually to the space team, Randall is all ready to take off, to move on to kindergarten. But this is no time to say goodbye.


R: What’s the brand of our house?
M: Our house doesn’t have a brand.
R: But our neighbor’s house does. It’s ADT.


Randall has been talking and dreaming so much about his 5th birthday. So here comes our busy birthday weekend: a celebration at school on Friday, setting up the trampoline on Saturday, and inviting his friend, Anthony, to play with him on Sunday. And that marks the start of daylight savings time and Spring in Chicago.

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Mary Poppins Returns

Randall has officially been to a movie theater for movies now! It went quite well except that he cried when it came to Georgy being taken away by the bad guys. After coming home, he keeps singing “there is no way to go but up.”

Big Plan

Randall: Were you guys good friends when you were kids?
Mom: No. We knew each other after we grew up.
Randall: Then what?
Mom: Then we became friends. We got married, and then we have you.
Randall: OK, I’ll do that, too.
Mom: Do what?
Randall: Get married with Elise.
Mom: When do you plan to get married?
Randall: After I go to college.


Mom: We’ll probably go to New York in a couple of weeks.
Randall: No, in ten weeks.
Mom: No. Just a couple of weeks. A couple means two or three.
Randall: Why?
Mom: Because it’s our schedule.
Randall: Bendule. It’s our bendule.
Mom: No, schedule!
Randall (laughing): Bendule.
Mom: Ok. It’s our plan.
Randall (laughing even louder): It’s our can.
Mom: …
Randall: How did the doctor cut your belly open?
Mom: Let’s change a topic.
Randall: When can we go to Hawaii again?
Mom: …

From my brain

Randall was ready to put wheels on his Lego train, when he said, “2 + 2 makes 4.”
“Did you learn that from school?”
“No. From my brain.”
I couldn’t help laughing, while a question stuck in my head: which brain, left or right?

First World Map

world_mapDaddy got Randall the “Busy, Busy World” book by Richard Scarry as his birthday present, and Randall loved this book. So mommy decided it was time to get Randall his first world map. He had remembered from our zoo visits that tapirs live in Asia and giraffes in Africa. Now he could mark them on this map. He was also very excited to learn where we are, where he was born and where Hawaii is.

Math & Logic

Randall is asked to have some vegetables before having his after-dinner treat, so he goes, “I’d like 6 pieces (of vegetables).”

“Now you have 3. How many more do you need?”, asks mom.

Randall whispers, “Four, five, six…”, and then speaks out loud, “Three! I need three more.”

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