Math & Logic

Randall is asked to have some vegetables before having his after-dinner treat, so he goes, “I’d like 6 pieces (of vegetables).”

“Now you have 3. How many more do you need?”, asks mom.

Randall whispers, “Four, five, six…”, and then speaks out loud, “Three! I need three more.”

A few days back, again at the dinner table, there is a few pieces of chicken left in the plate. And mom suggests, “I’ll give you one piece and the rest is mine.”

“Why?”, Randall never gives up on his right to eat.

“Because I’m big. I eat more.” Mom is quite satisfied with her own reply, thinking it can’t be beaten.

“No. I need to eat more.” – Again, never gives up.

“Why?” Now it’s mom’s turn for why questions.

“Because I’m small. I need to grow bigger. Look how small I am!”

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