Daily Archives: July 8, 2015

No TV today

It only takes a second for kids to become addicted to TV. Now it takes all the screaming, crying, plus a lot of snacks to get his mind away from the big black screen.

Any one minute he is not sleeping or eating, he thinks of his dearest baby program. He would turn on the switch, expect to be seated on the sofa, grab your hand to make it point at the screen, and even take your cell phone to ask you to play the nursery songs for him.

Now we say no to you tonight, and we know we would be fighting a hard battle.

Mr. Napkin

Humid summer night, almost like rain. After a walk in the park, we sat down at this outside table of Bodrum, one of our favorites in the neighbourhood. The dishes were great as usual, but the dinner was more about trying to keep the little one busy so that everyone else’s dinner wouldn’t be ruined by his terrible scream. Luckily we did OK this time, by allowing him to wet himself with the water in his bowl. And every time Randall was about to declare war on us, the old lady and her friend sitting next to us gave him a smile, and our little munchkin was disarmed by their kindness.