Protest Against Water

Ran Ran had never agreed to take plain water so we had always had to make his “secret” mix as a way to avoid trouble for ourselves. That had worked perfectly fine until last week when we were told that he wouldn’t be offered fruit juice at daycare. Time for a change, or to be more accurate, a challenge. We knew it would be very hard, but what we didn’t know was how long it was gonna take.

We thought of all possible ways to make him drink water, but he only went from totally resisting it and constantly asking me to go back into the kitchen to get the “right” drink for him, to taking a sip and dropping the bottle right away. On the evening of day 3, daddy and I started talking about plan B. But all of a sudden it happened, like the stories we’ve been told, that one’s dreams come true when he is just about to give up. Right after breakfast of the fourth day, he picked up the bottle himself and drank from it. And at the end of the day he finished three whole bottles, well, certainly not as much as he used to drink, but good enough!

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