Randall enjoys being at the playground a lot more now. He can climb up and go down the slide all on his own and often gets very excited and does it over and over again. Mum suggested going to Central Park on Sunday and was hoping that the trees there had taken on autumn colors, but unfortunately it was still too warm. Well, the fallen leaves were not bad and Randall looked absolutely gorgeous with his Columbia hat. Randall fell in love with this bottle. We haven’t seen him have so much water in a day since the end of Summer.

Randall also got a lot more verbal this week but was still speaking his alien language. He picked up a new body language though. When being offered things he doesn’t want, he has stopped pushing them away angrily. He would just shake his head, and occasionally with an unclear word of “no”. It was hilarious that after a 4-year-old girl talked with mum for a couple of minutes Randall burst into a long “sentence” as he was facing another kid.

We went to the Children’s Museum again this weekend, but Randall didn’t seem to enjoy it for long. We couldn’t figure out why but we did figure that when he looks for doors or exits or elevators it means he would like to leave.

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