Mama, come in

It was Good Friday today and it was indeed a GOOD Friday, for Randall gave me a whole bunch of surprises all in this one day.

Randall had been to the Children’s Museum a thousand times but it was only this time that he was building a wall on the rainbow bridge, which was something we’d usually see big kids do. After letting him spend three hours at the museum, I finally managed to bring him back home. The moment he walked into the apartment he made his very first short sentence, “Mama, come in.”, which totally threw me into amazement. Later he also said “Baba, come here sit down.”

Then in the afternoon, when he was working on his bead maze by himself and finally coordinated his two hands to move the beads over a bump, he uttered “I did it!” with huge delight. I was so happy and surprised to hear just another sentence from him and replied “Yes, you did it!” Later that evening when he was “reading” his potty book, I realized that he could do more than remembering the object names and filling in the holes of those lines in his favorite books. He could sometimes say the complete sentence when he turned to that page.

Another interesting discovery was that Randall had picked up some potty skills from school. He would now say “diaper change”, and before we got a chance to respond he would already have pulled down his pants and taken off the diaper. Once he even told me that he was going to poop right before taking the action.

Here’s the best part – he came to us saying “diaper change” this evening, and after repeating the words a few times but seeing only confusion in our eyes, he tried something slightly different, “diaper huan(换)”.

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