Hippo Spring Fair

The annual Spring Fair at Hippo playground was postponed to June 5th due to bad weather, luckily! Otherwise Randall would have missed it because of being sick. And even more luckily, the weather wasn’t so good on the new date either. Otherwise there could have been huge lines! It was already pretty dark outside at 10am, the scheduled opening time. We still decided to give it a try and to see how Randall would like the bouncy castles. There had been a very simple one, more like a mattress than a “castle”, at his gym class, and Randall had been afraid of it until just one day earlier. To our sheer surprise, Randall got so excited once we got into the park and couldn’t wait to try everything out. There were two bouncy castles that involved some rock-climbing like activities. When Randall was lining up for one of them, I told daddy that he might not be able to do it and we might have to bring him out. Again, our boy surprised us! After a few failed attempts at the beginning, he climbed all the way up to the top and rewarded himself by taking that huge slide down to the ground. He did it one more time thereafter, and that second time he was even able to stand in line by himself without being anxious or impatient. Later he also tried the other one with a much higher and even steeper slope, on which he only managed to get himself halfway to the top, but that was surely good enough.

Hop, hop, hop!

Up to the top!

Wait, wait, wait!


Bar, bar, black sheep, and rabbits!

Catch the ducklings!

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