Daily Archives: August 6, 2016


Victorian gardens revisited this weekend. Randall had grown a little taller and now qualified for those “bigger” rides. After trying almost everything out, he started to switch between his two favorites: the Mini Mouse, a beginner roller coaster, and the Aeromax, a crop duster ride. In the end it became just one favorite: the Aeromax. Randall jumped back and forth from front row to back row between each landing and takeoff. Wish we had kept a count, but he must have completed at least ten flights before I finally held him up to make him leave. Needless to say the little one got so upset. He kept pointing at the facility and said he wanted to get back onto the “airplane” again. After reaching an agreement with daddy and mummy that this would be the real last time and we should be off home right afterwards, Randall rushed off to his plane 7 and enjoyed one last ride in the front seat.