Daily Archives: September 24, 2016

A full Tilden trip

Our Tilden park trip started from the Little Farm today. Randall found the cows too big and too scary to feed but the sheep and goats more friendly. And by the time Randall finally felt comfortable enough to feed the sheep by himself, we had almost run out of celeries. Our next stop was the steam train station. It was Randall’s first time to ride with both mummy and daddy, and we had the whole car to ourselves. Then we went onto Tilden’s Merry-Go-Round. On our way getting there we had a short stop to enjoy the bay view on such a nice clear day. It had now been seven months since Randall took his first carousel ride in Disney World. This time he seemed to be enjoying it a lot more, although he was constantly looking up and around trying to figure out how this thing worked.