The Musical Nature

Randall started to dance to the music even before he started walking, but it’s always been hard to catch him dancing on camera. He has become more aware of the camera and turns shy when he notices that I am trying to shoot a video. I have read a few articles on baby development and I know it’s common for baby to start dancing at this age. It’s also true that we adults love music too, and it often helps to put on some nice music when we are feeling bad. However, it still amazes me what a magical effect music has on such little kids.

At around six months, Randall learned to press the button of his crib toy so that he could watch his animal friends spinning over his head and listen to its music, which would then put him to a sound sleep. About the same time, he started to resist diaper changing with his worst cries (well, he still does), so we had to distract him with all kinds of toys we could find. But sometimes he would still get impatient or frustrated, until later we found that singing to him was the best way to keep him happy on the changing table. When he turned 12 months, he had his first dance by moving his hips up and down to the rhythm. Later on he picked up some more sophisticated movements such as shaking his head and turning around in circles. One of the things he enjoyed most before getting obsessed with the nursery-song videos was turning on the music of his toys and dancing to it.

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